Warranty is only valid if the goods no longer function or malfunction and they have been used according to the supplier’s conditions (see also the general terms and conditions). The purchase date must also be within the warranty time frame. The goods will be repaired, replaced or credited according vendors policy.

DOA (Dead on Arrival)

DOA are those goods found malfunctioning an reported to TechWare within 8 days after the shipping date. In case of a DOA, the faulty product will always be replaced with a new one. TechWare makes it possible to receive a new unit upfront.  This new product will be invoiced. A credit note is made after the faulty product is returned to TechWare within 5 working days after DOA-approval by TechWare and after the unit is subjected to visual inspection by TechWare support staff .  Only a technical malfunction will result in accepting DOA.

Products received outside this time frame will always be repaired under warranty.
DOAs will only be accepted if the goods are returned complete, including all accessories and in their original packaging.


Restocking of unused/unopened units is possible upon the following conditions:

  • Restocking is only valid within 14 days after your purchase
  • Restocking is not valid for special order products or products within a special deal/SBO
  • Restocking fee of 15% on the invoiced unit price will apply
  • Restocking will be treated as a regular RMA procedure, with the specific request to restock the unit(s)

Handling of defects

A reseller can apply for a technical RMA/DOA by sending an email to rma@techware.be

The e-mail message must state the following:

  • Brand, type and MAC adress/serial number of the products;
  • A statement that this is a case of a faulty product;
  • A description of the defect.

After checking by TechWare, the reseller receives an RMA/DOA approval by e-mail.

A printed version of the RMA approval needs to be signed and sent together with the goods. The whole product must be returned in working order and in its original packaging. Please use a second box to put the original package in or use other additional packaging. Do not affix dispatch stickers on the original packaging. The actual warranty will be established upon receipt of the goods (after we checked if the goods have been sent according to the terms and conditions).

Please send the product to and  state the RMA reference number:


Attn. RMA Service

Blancefloerlaan 179A

2050 Antwerpen

The received RMA forms need to be signed and sent together with the goods.

The costs of dispatching the product to TechWare are payable by the reseller. Unstamped goods will not be accepted. All items travel under the responsibility of the sender. TechWare will not accept any claims for damaged and / or lost goods during transportation.

When you received the RMA number and approval e-mail from us, the products must be returned within 5 working days. After that, the return approval will expire.

Keep in mind

  • If the problem cannot be reproduced by the technical service, inspection and dispatch costs of € 45 (VAT excl.) will be charged.
  • If the problem can be solved by replacing the firmware (software) in the device, inspection and dispatch costs of € 45 (VAT excl.) will be charged.
  • If the problem can be solved by changing the settings in the device, inspection and dispatch costs of € 45 (VAT excl.) will becharged.
  • If the product is returned at the explicit request of one of the TechWare helpdesks, inspection and/or dispatch costs do not apply.
  • Faults caused by lightning, flooding, dropping, etc. fall outside the scope of the warranty. Any costs incurred as a result thereof must be recovered by the customer from his or her insurance company. Products damaged by transportation must be reported to TechWare on the day of arrival. In the exceptional case TechWare accepts RMA on damaged goods, damaged units are never eligible for a credit note and therefore will always be replaced.